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BIS006 - Twisted Pilsner


Malts: Pilsner

Hops: Magnum, Saaz, Kazbek

Yeast: W-34/70

(Allergens underlined. Contains gluten.)


The light, golden straw colour of the iconic pilsner style with its balance of malt sweetness, delicate hop aroma and moderate bitterness make for an irresistible drinking experience. This ‘twisted’ pilsner augments a well executed base lager with an uncharacteristic dry hop, upping the aroma a notch and adding an appetising citrus note. Unfiltered, unpasteurised and naturally carbonated to retain the gentle haze and smooth mouthfeel of the kellerbier style.

Tasting Notes

Lemon and lime citrus lead the aroma, accompanied by tropical fruit notes. Classic light-bodied malty sweetness with notes of honey from the pilsner malt. Clean and crisp with a soft lingering bitterness.

What The Hell Was I Thinking?

I was lucky enough to visit the Hop Research Institute in Czech Republic a couple of years ago and ever since, I’ve been meaning to brew a pilsner with the classic Saaz hops in the boil and dry hopped with a ‘twist’ of Kazbek; another Czech variety known for its lemon citrus notes. The sample I took from the fermenter a couple of days after dry hopping told me in no uncertain terms that this hop is massively underrated! Bucketfuls of tropical and citrus fruit transformed what was already a very tasty lager into something more like a modern IPA. I cut the dry hopping short and the aroma has since dropped back a bit but it’s still a pineapple or two further along the fruity scale than originally envisaged. Damn tasty though!

Naturally carbonated, vegan friendly

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