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Table Beer


Malts: Maris Otter, Oats, Munich

Hops: Magnum, Centennial, Kazbeck, Lemondrop

Yeast: US-05

Other: Maltodextrin

(Allergens underlined. Contains gluten.)


Light in colour and in alcoholic strength, yet full-bodied and full-flavoured, this is a crisp, citrus smasher. Generously hopped with Lemondrop, Centennial and Kazbek hops and brewed with a healthy dose of oats for a satisfying mouthfeel, this cheeky 3%-er is a small beer with big ideas.

Citrus fruit on the nose is unmissable and on the palate it comes across with a touch of sherbert. A subtle spice note develops in the background and there’s plenty of body to carry the sharp, tangy hops and moderate bitterness. The body is full but light and spritzy with a zippy carbonation. Finishes medium dry, with a tingle.

Naturally carbonated, vegan friendly

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