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Big Ideas Series 29

Table Saison

4.0% ABV

Crisp, dry, fruity and refreshing dry hopped Saison.

Celebrate variety. Reflect a sense of place. Brew modern takes on traditional styles. Brew contemporary styles with a twist. Avoid overused hop varieties. Full flavour spectrum brewing.

The beers are all unfined, vegan friendly and conditioned in package: can, bottle, keg and cask. We love our beers and hope you do too... let us know! 

Description and Tasting Notes

A light and fruity Saison brewed with the classic Saaz and Celeia hops in the kettle and dry hopped with new Czech variety Most.


Pours pale straw in colour beneath tight, white foam; blackcurrant and strawberry, orange and banana are all in the aroma mix along with a pinch of clovey-pepper spice to remind us we’re in the wonderful world of Saison here.


Full bodied and flavourful for an ABV of just 4%, with layered complexity and a beautifully soft mouthfeel giving the impression of a bigger beer. Tinned peaches, pineapple and grass come in waves, with a hint of spice and dry finish to keep everything crisply refreshing.

Can conditioned, vegan friendly



Malts: Pilsner, Wheat, Carapils

Hops: Saaz, Celeia, Most

Yeast: WLP510

Other: Sugar

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