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Scottish Light

3.0% ABV

Malt-forward table beer, dark in colour, light in alcohol.

Celebrate variety. Reflect a sense of place. Brew modern takes on traditional styles. Brew contemporary styles with a twist. Avoid overused hop varieties. Full flavour spectrum brewing.

This is the Big Ideas Series, the first set of releases from the brewery. The beers are all unfined, vegan friendly and conditioned in package: bottle, keg and cask. We love our beers and hope you do too... let us know! 

Description and Tasting Notes

Light in alcohol content but dark in colour, our Scottish Light (or 60/-) delivers a rich and rewarding experience. A slow and low fermentation keeps things clean and crisp, and allows the array of delicate malt flavours to shine. Toasty rather than roasty notes are to the fore, alongside caramel, toffee, a gentle orchard fruitiness from restrained esters, and a hint of peat smoke. A balancing bitterness prevents the finish from being cloying but there’s enough residual sweetness to leave a satisfying mouthfeel that belies the low ABV. This under-represented style works equally well in summer or winter and ages well, making it a great choice for the fridge and the cellar.

Can/keg/cask conditioned, vegan friendly



Malts: Maris Otter, Munich, Aromatic, Crystal, Chocolate, Chocolate Rye, Peated
Hops: Magnum, Fuggles
Other: Coriander
Yeast: Nottingham

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