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Fantastic Beers And Where To Find Them

So, crazy times...

On Monday last week I filled a batch of 20 kegs with European Pale Ale, the first kegs we've done and a big step towards establishing a steady brewing-selling rhythm for the brewery. All very exciting. Then at 5pm I listened to the news and realised that the kegs wouldn't be going anywhere for a good few weeks at least. Here's the keg badge you won't be seeing for a while:

Immediately though, friends close to home and further afield got in touch to offer support and to ask how they could buy some beer. Frustratingly, our premises licence application process was ongoing, meaning we couldn't offer direct sales until after the hearing, and all hearings had been cancelled.

Then, on Thursday, a breakthrough!

Stephen, the lawyer helping with the application, called to let me know that the council had agreed to grant a temporary licence covering this period of upheaval. "Go out and sell beer" he said. What a guy.

As I built the web store, the announcements kept coming; first the pubs closing and then on Monday the advice to avoid leaving the house if possible. Cue much fretting about what sort of service I'm able to offer and generally what to do for the best.

For now, the advice seems to be that breweries can continue to brew and online shops should maintain their service, all within the bounds of social responsibility of course.

So as of today we have a web store and can offer beers by the case for delivery by courier. There's a 15% discount available by using the code 'SIMPLDISC15':

I'd like to offer free no-contact local deliveries too, and will put this in place in a couple of weeks, all being well.

More products, including the 3 litre bag-in-box option and the new Scottish Light beer will be added soon, so keep an eye out. And don't forget that you can still buy our beers via independent retailers across Glasgow and Edinburgh, they'll be glad of your support.

Stay safe, keep well.

All the best,


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